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Project Details

Client: Ontario Ministry of Energy

Online: energy.gov.on.ca/en/empowerme

The Ministry of Energy works with many partners inside and outside of government to develop the electricity generation, transmission and other energy-related facilities that help power our economy— and to ensure that Ontario remains one of the best places in the world in which to live, work, invest and raise a family. A top-priority is ensuring that Ontario’s electricity needs are met in a sustainable manner. Developing renewable energy sources and fostering a conservation-oriented culture are cornerstones of Ontario’s balanced plan to provide clean, and reliable energy — while encouraging the development of a clean energy economy for our future.
The Ontario Ministry of Energy wanted a PSA to help support these initiatives and teach consumers how they can reduce electricity use – and costs – at home. From art direction to production, styling and costume design, Studio 141 created this Halloween-themed video from the ground up.

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